The first smatterings of GMEC as we know it, began in a little village called West Lutton, Near Malton in 2010. It was here that a one car garage with an up and over door housed the fledgling motorcycles and the start of a new era.

From officially opening  GMEC in February 2011, in Unit 2, Merrylee's. Fixing, servicing and selling lawnmowers as a sideline, while waiting for the motorcycle side of things to take off, GMEC very quickly became a busy place. Later that same year, with great pride we became Lexmoto and Pulse dealers filling the showroom with 50cc and 125cc learner legal motorcycles and scooters, before adding Boatian, Zontes and Quadzilla products!

We soon needed more space and was offered the opportunity to take on another unit, Unit 3 - known as the workshop. The workshop quickly took off, we borrowed to fund the required  MOT bay, which was installed in 2012. 

The following year we needed yet more space! -  that's when we took on Unit 10 - the bargain basement as it became known!! There was always something for someone looking for a bargain project, customers would come to us and ask whats in the "bargain basement"  Graham from Scarborough Rider Training started operating from GMEC in 2014, we were, yet again, running out of room, therefore taking on Unit 8, primarily for Graham to store his training bikes.

In 2015 we opened the GMEC cafe, Known now as "Route 64". After spending many long long hours growing, both the cafe and the motorcycle side of the business, it became clear we were very quickly starting to out grow the Merrylee's site and a few problems ensued.. We needed to do something and fast, otherwise we would find ourselves having to close GMEC's doors.

In October 2017, Mark became ill due to stress and ended up in hospital, it was then when he started to think about things and realised the only way for GMEC to survive was to relocate to a more suitable and sustainable premises - Thats when we started to search!

Looking everywhere for suitable premises and locations we were struggling to find anywhere - until, we thought ..... maybe we could do something with a pub!! Just so happened the Former Hare and Hounds in Staxton came up.

The Hare and Hounds in Staxton came up on the market To Let, "Lets go have a look".

So in November 2017 we went to view the old pub in Staxton. It was perfect, well almost. The shop would have to shrink, no showroom and no workshop, but there was room for the MOT bay and the Cafe. Plus we could live in above. But..... There was far too much work needed for us to even consider leasing the pub. No chance!! Two days later, after constantly thinking and talking about it, Mark still ill and not long out of hospital, staff members being brilliant and rallying round to help in any way they could, desperately trying to keep GMEC alive!...."Call the bank" As the saying goes, - "if you don't ask, you dont get".After what seemed like a frought period of time...We did get it!! - Eventually!

We had a tough few months ahead of us, having to get permission for change of use, working with the parish council, solicitors, the owners of the building at the time, it was endless - courses, exams, tests,  etc etc, deadlines to meet, GMEC still to run, a family to see to. It was a very difficult time, as many of you know.

However, on Monday 12th March, GMEC purchased the "Hare and Hounds" and on Tuesday 13th March GMEC were in! And then we were thrown out!! Some confusion at the banks end resulted in us being turfed out....not pretty, many a blue word was spoke!  Mark had a deadline .... He wanted to be in and have GMEC operational for Good Friday! With the matter resolved, a challenge it certainly was, with the help of some extremly good friends, staff and customers, working around the clock, we did it!! We OPENED on Good Friday.

We would like to personally thank the following people: Rich and Paul from Centurion windows, John and Chrissie Hutchinson, Andy Welbourn, Doug & Celia (from the village) and the man thats always on it - Mick Holmes and his lovely wife Sarah! These people made the impossible possible, and sometimes words just don't cut it!!

The following week however, we suffered a major set back and had to close -  the ceilings had caved in upstairs., and filled the premises with debris. The joys of 400 year old buildings!

However, after rallying the troops we were soon open again the following week - again, thanks to our amazing team of hard workers, we cleared up the mess and replaced the ceilings, working virtually around the clock!

GMEC will now be a working progress for some time. The building did manage to house all of the clothing and accessories as well as the Cafe and Bar. The Bike Nights worked well for a time, but alas times change.

Modern trading methods, attitudes and costings, meant that we had to make many painful decisions.

The Motorcycle clothing ranges were removed and sold off, as were the accessories. Many of the parts ranges had to be cut as competition made these unviable. Sadly, after a couple of years of trying to make it a success, and after working stupidly long hours, it was decided that the cafe and bar had to close. Simply, no way on gods green earth could the figures be made to look good enough.

Its a part of the business we miss terribly, but thats exactly what it!

Covid was a difficult time, and Gmec attempted to navigate those choppy waters, but unfortunately a Police presence resulted in cessation of our MOTing capability. 

"We were setting a bad example!"

I was personally threatened with being arrested, if i continued to MOT. They were mainly motorcycles for our great health workers. To this day i regret not standing my ground. At the time the law allowed us to MOT providing all other conditions were met...and they were. But hey ho, thats life!

Since Covid it has been difficult to get things smoothed out again, we have endured the sad loss of many good friends, family and customers as have many. The story of GMEC  is a book in itself, and its one most wouldn't believe. It has been a rocky few years, but we have turned a corner, that seems to be what we do best!

2023 has presented us with a fresh start. Even in these difficult times. We still offer a great MOT service, a wide range of Brake pads, batteries, oils, filters and various bearings. The GMEC Casual clothing range has been a great success and we have further plans in 2023. We have a lovely small range of motorcycles for sale, and so it is a different GMEC, for different times. 






The beginning of Gmec at Merry lees, Staxton, in 2011. We started with - not a lot!!




Our then well stocked showroom - something we became well known for!

Above is the beginning of the property works.

Yes a jungle, we have purchased. A lot of hard work we have purchased - but a challenge... we love!!

Our great friend Andy Welbourne, looking on after the ceiling collapse. He's not sure whether or not, to help sort it - or torch it!!!! Shall we flip a coin mate! Amazing job though, thank you.

Another great friend alongside Andy is Mick Holmes, these two as well as others where an amazing help during these tough times - and there help will never be forgotten!!

After many sleepless nights and hard long days - the building finally becomes useable. Note the skip at the end. You can always tell when things start to improve - because the skips get smaller!!

A pic from the eighties - how things have changed!! You can still see, the old toilet block on the grass to the rear which has since been demolished!


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