Hill climbing was a very popular spectator sport back in the day. The events held at Staxton were organised under the Scarborough and District M/C club. The earliest official one being around 1907 and ran until 1930, when the accident rate called for more stringent controls!

Taken in 1919, when Staxton Hill had a sharp 90 degree corner in it.

The Hill Climb was 0.75 miles from start to finish. The rider here clearly tryimg to get everything possible out of his machine!

A great action shot if ever there was one! Hanging off a unit to get it round - is clearly nothing new!!

This pic is also from 1919 - our building can be seen in the distance at the bottom of the hill.

Sometimes, even with the greatest will in the world - some things are just not meant to be, and a helping hand is required!!

The spectators in 1919 get in on the act - all part of the challenge and the fun. Remember though, that early machines were largely belt driven and limited power - so a real feat to reach the top at all!!

Another great pic from 1919. Note the hand gearshift! If you look close you can make out a police officer of the day stood on the corner. He was either controlling the crowds or going to dish out a ticket!!






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