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We're a close-knit family run business. We are a reliable and professional operation. A friendly atmosphere is very important to us. Life is about the experiences we share. We enjoy sharing life with like-minded individuals who love to discuss all the finer details.


We believe that our passion for motorcycles is as important as our expertise, and that's what you rely on


Many people have asked where we got the name "GMEC" from and this is what Mark had to say.



The name "GMEC" was born from a period many years ago of deep personal and professional difficulty.

But every dark cloud has a silver lining, and in this case, good friends and family were that very thing. After recovering and finding a new place to live, only a job was required - something that was to prove illusive! Starting a small business seemed the only answer - but with no money, and living on vouchers, that was going to be difficult.


Along came a dear close friend by the name of " Bob Kraft" who had an old van sat in his field. The van was given to me free of charge along with some tools and the idea of being a mobile motorcycle and car mechanic as that was my background. All that was needed was a name - unable to come up with anything sensible, I was at a loss -  but after stood deliberating in front of the van one evening, I thought "lets just take the letters off its number plate" -

G86 MEC - GMEC was born!

The business did very well, but was moth balled following a good job offer. GMEC  was re-born  with the help and support of my new partner Michelle, 6 yr old daughter Clare and our new-born son Liam. The GMEC name has been kept in tribute to my late great friend Bob, who was the kind of friend you have once in a life-time - if your lucky enough!  Gone but never forgotten!

Mark Gecko



Our team

Mark Gecko

Proprietor, Mechanic/Technician, MOT Tester

Tel: 01944 711596

E-mail: gmec@hotmail.co.uk

Background: Ex Speedway and Grasstrack Rider - body intact - brain - maybe not!!!

lifetime of engineering experience and still enjoying learning more!

Motor racing led to the need for improved fitness, and so it became my great hobby! First becoming a Martial Arts Instructor including Western Boxing, before going on to gain a double (iawa) World Weightlifting Record, a Britian and World Championship runner-up, a Northern and Eastern Natural Bodybuilding Champion and double Great Britian Finalist as well as World Qualifier are all proud achievements.

There are some great things planned for GMEC this year i have promised not crash a motorcycle and end up in hospital - fingers crossed!




Michelle Kilvington

Partner/Does everything else!

Tel: 01944 711596

Email: gmec@hotmail.co.uk

This young lady is an absolute star, lucky to have her as my partner, business and private.

Doing a fantastic job with our two children, and not bad at everything else!!

Love you babe x

Background: Puts up with me - enough said!!!!!

Tanyia Vanderstock

A valued member of our team and a very good friend too.

Being a happily married mother of 7, Tanyia comes to work for a much needed break. You will find Tanyia either on the cafe counter or in the kitchen.

She get's her thrill's riding Pillion and enjoys watching the motorcycle racing!!


Alan Radcliff

Mechanic, MOT Tester

GMEC welcomed Alan to our team in August 2013.

With a wealth of experience and a warped sense of humour he fits right in as a valued member. Alan started his motorcycle career in 1967 at what was then Watkinsons motorcycles and he has since worked for some of Yorkshires biggest names INC Scarborough Kawasaki, Dawsons of Scarborough, Andy Noble motorcycles and Rojo's of Bridlington to name a few!

All told over 46 years in the business including 3 years road racing and trials experience. Currently Alan is an active member, and vice chairman of the Yorkshire Classic Bike Club.

He also enjoys riding his own diverse range of motorcycles and still has boundless enthusiasm for all things two wheels and long may it continue.

His wealth of experience is difficult to match, especially in the early Japanese motorcycle sector but also has real passion for British Classic's.

we look forward to testing his abilities in 2014!

Maurice O'Sullivan


Tel: 01944 711596

e.mail: gmec@hotmail.co.uk

Background: Pan european owner - er, no it's not in the picture!!

All weather rider - now he has his cb400n back!

Loves banging up the miles - maybe France this year.

Always up for a laugh and all round good geezer ,another valuable member of our team! 






YO12 4TA

Tel: 01944 711596


VAT No: 141 0942 45




GMEC will be closing at 12pm on Saturday 12th September 2020


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During the Coronavirus outbreak, necessary MOTs can still be carried out via appointment.
stay safe everyone.

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